Virago Days

Virago Days 


Horse-led one-day retreats for women who are ready to buck the stuck and bring out their inner warrior!

Vi-ra-go /vəˈräɡō/ noun a woman of great strength or spirit; a female warrior.


When I found the word Virago, which means, “a woman of great strength, a warrior,” I knew it had to be the name of these one-day retreats out here in the Sierra Foothills.  

Because Virago is You.

You kick butt. Take names. Do it all.

Yet, you know there's more.

Maybe there's something lingering in your background that still tugs at your heart, like trauma. Or gaslighting. Or a relationship with a narcissist.

Or perhaps a toxic childhood...emotional withholding or physical abuse. 

Maybe you're sick of years of tone moderation and personality suppression. 

Or, maybe nothing like this bubbles to the surface, yet, you yearn for something new in your life.

You’ve taken bold steps to have the career, to get the promotion, to build your dream business. 

And, chances are, you still spend a lot of your life overwhelmed. Pushing yourself to exhaustion.

Expectations are heavy. Doing. Doing. Doing.  

Its almost like you live a split life

Most days, you’re a warrior. You’ve been through a lot. You’re grateful and proud of all that you’ve overcome.

And, some days, you don’t want anyone to know that you feel kinda blah. Kinda sad. Kinda foggy. Kinda lost.  

But you push these things aside, because, really, life is pretty good. 

Stuffing the internal uneasiness means that maybe you’re eating your feelings. Or drinking wine every night. Or aimlessly streaming Netflix. Maybe you’re getting sick more often.  

You want to be a warrior 100% of the time 

Solid. Confident. Happy. Steady at your core.  

Virago Days are about letting go of expectations, past hurts, disappointments, and coming fully, completely into your own aliveness.  

 Ending the roller coaster of strength one day and self-doubt the next.  

Here’s what I know to be true from my own journey: the mere act of stepping out of your day-to-day environment sends a message to the universe that you’re serious about becoming your highest self.  

 This is you being a warrior. Stepping away physically. 

And, then, in the sacred and safe space of Wisdom Ridge, mother nature and the horses opening you up - you will find vulnerability as your power and connect to your own truth.  

You will feel it in your soul. 

Stress melts away. 

Once you learn your core truth, there is nothing you can’t have. 

Each Virago Day retreat will have a theme designed to help you FEEL your unique power, to help you conquer old, rusty patterns and create the space for you to come ALIVE.  

Coming to Virago Days is you knowing that YOU WERE BORN FOR MORE. 

Let the horses, the trees, the air, the dirt, the sky, and the birds show you.  

You should be at Virago Days if...

  • You’ve done some personal growth work but know that there’s still some little thing, some thought, behavior, habit that’s holding you back. 
  • You have thoughts of not being good enough, if you struggle with perfectionism, if you know you’re holding on too tightly to what others think. 
  • You do things out of obligation instead of joy. 
  • You think you don’t deserve wealth in every part of your life. You want more abundance.
  • You want a glorious day out of the rat race to reconnect with the true you.
  • You you’ve been in relationships with narcissists, or have experienced the hurt of gaslighting or abuse - the trust in yourself has been altered - and you know you’re not going all-in in your relationships because of these things.
  • The yoga, the therapist, the meditation, the affirmations, the prayer beads, the mantras, the essential oils have only gotten you so far and you want more tools to make your soul come alive.


Why will Virago Days be the workshop that finally delivers the change you desire? 

This is a full mind and body immersion experience. A day tapping into ALL SENSES. 

Big shifts happens in environments without distractions and negative influencers…you’ll have that here at Wisdom Ridge.

Virago Days are offered 6 times a year, each with its own uniqe theme. None of the workshops are exactly alike.

Come to one or come to all of them.

$225 per workshop
Only 8 Spots!
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Virago Days are like a mini retreat every 2 months.

A way to reboot your power.

Come to one or come to all of them. Each is a totally unique experience.

January 12, 2019: Freedom! Release all the things that no longer serve you. Start the New Year with absolute clarity, releasing and making a declaration with horses as your witness. This declaration is your warrior cry for 2019, carrying you through the times when you lose sight of yourself. SOLD OUT!

March 16, 2019: Re-discovering your intuition. Learn to listen to and trust that inner voice that always has your back. Horses survive because they operate from intuition and they’ll teach you to drop into intuition and making life decisions from that knowing place. Never second-guess yourself again. SOLD OUT!  

May 18, 2019: Pleasure & Play. Spring is here and you’ll learn how bringing more joy into your life is crucial to everything else being easy. The horses will help you embody joy as a priority, they’ll make your spirit soar! It’s counterintuitive, but, you’ll understand how more joy = less work.  

July 13, 2019: Resilience. It’s mid-year and all that energy you had in the New Year has lost some steam. Spend the day with horses learning and practicing how to bounce back no matter what life throws at you. You figure out how to come back to YOU, how to stand your ground and take care of your needs without aggression. 

September 21, 2019: Reconnection with self and others. We’ll immerse in nature and horses to experience connection, specifically, what non-verbal connection feels like and how to establish boundaries to create deeper connections, personally and professionally. This is the day that you’ll learn how to avoid overwhelm forever.  

November 16, 2019: Abundance and Money Mindset. Horses don’t live in lack and neither should you. Stop making decisions from scarcity. This day is all about listening to your heart, defining abundance in your life and embracing the mindset that manifests wealth.  

Spots are limited to 8 for each Virago Day. First come, first served!

$225 per workshop
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Still wondering if coming to the Ranch is worth it?  

Virago Days are for you if you’re DONE with all the shit. You’re done with waiting. You’re done with perfection. You’re done with anxiety. You’re done with the swirling. The confusion. You’re done with self-doubt. You’re done with playing small. You’re done with HOPING and TRYING!

You know you want more from life or your career but you're not entirely sure what that next step is.  

Let a 1500 pound horse pull it all together for you.  

The you that expects nothing but the best from all parts of life. Work, friends, lovers. 

You know the life. The one where you open your eyes in the morning and are amazed that you got this, that you have this. 

The life on your terms. 

More courage. More fun. More ease. More money flow. More love and hot sex. More fire. More dreaming. More body confidence.


You need to get out, get adventurous, and find your warrior.  


Each Virago Day is limited to 8 trailblazing women. These workhops will sell out!

The Details 

Virago Days will be held at Wisdom Ridge Ranch in Fiddletown, CA. Fiddletown is about a 2.5 hour drive from the Bay Area and about an hour from Sacramento. We'll start at 10am and end between 4-5pm. 

No horse experience is necessary! You won't be riding horses, just interacting with them.

It is bring your own lunch and water bottles, though, there will be yummy snacks and waters. 

Dress for the weather (layers) and wear closed-toe shoes. 

Fiddletown is in Amador County wine region, gorgeous wines and restaurants...let us know if you want to make a weekend of it and we'll send you hotel recommendations!

Ready to find Virago?

Buy your pass NOW....only 8 spots per workshop!

About Amy and Wisdom Ridge Ranch 

I inhaled Silicon Valley tech for 20+ years, working side by side with the C-suite. I’ve been in start-up’s, Fortune 100 organizations and everything in between. I’ve led award-winning teams with my work chronicled in the Wall Street Journal, LeMonde, Time, Business Week, and Moneyland and I’ve been a keynote speaker.  

I had a fantastic corporate career but I reached a point where I needed to remove the mask; I just wasn’t passionate anymore. I looked to nature and animals to restore my energy and it was there that I found my purpose.  

Now, my business partners are horses and I’m running an action-based leadership and development center at my 115-acre ranch in Northern CA. Basically, I guide transformations. I’m a certified coach and equine guided facilitator, having studied and mentored with the top in the field.  

Clients Say: “It was an amazingly rich experience for one short day! I didn’t want to leave, I felt a strong draw to stay with the land and with the horses.” Lisha  

“An important learning for me was the non-verbal communication. I’ve heard it, believed it, but when I experienced a horse immediately responding so honestly and directly to what my emotional state was, it really brought home how I effect those around me without saying a word.” Wendy  

“Do not sign up for a course with Amy unless you are ready for a deep shift.” Marta